Cyclic System of Health & Wealth Vs. Poverty & Destitution

Garbage in the Oceans is an indicator of Human behavior which has created a cyclic system of Poverty & Destitution in Emotional/ Spiritual (part of invisible personality) and Physical terms. Humans of all continents, stand guilty of this criminal cycle.

It all begins from Biases. Its impact is severe when this bias is found in people occupying positions of power. They compare, reject and then throw. This has given rise to “Use and Throw Culture” Because the universe is established with a system of cyclic form, every manifestation of beliefs in the thought process as behavior, will return with appropriate consequences, that too in multiplying quantity.

Failure to recognize this system and failure to consciously, deliberating the rejected towards rehabilitation (human behavior) & recycle (material behavior), will multiply poverty & destitution cycles for humans and garbage dumps in water, air and soil. Further manifestations are sickness in mind and body. Sickness of mind will spiral out criminal world and sickness of body will spiral out hospitals and pharmaceutical mafias, prostitution and porn mafias, beggar mafias, conflicts leading to fights, wars, death and destruction. This cycle continues to expand until its moments of collapse. 

The moments of solution comes, when this collapsing cycle meets with positive cycle which can join at the point where a special spiritual emotion is created called Love & forgiveness. In emotion (psychological term) it is called reconciliation and in spiritual (religious term) called salvation for humans.  

And for material it is called segregation at source, which includes reduce, recollect, reuse and then send for recycling as fertilizer, which is food for plants, and with other materials, same material is produced in the factories or energy for those material which can’t be recovered in same form.   

Therefore, Humans have to ensure that every activity has to be designed in the cyclic system. Human dwellings are wrongly designed and have become the extended intestine connecting to all the rivers. The evidences are there in every city of India which has become dead while passing through. Our solid and liquid resources are made into waste and thrown into the rivers.

We have great philosophies which have not connected our Head, Heat and Hands thus we see the contradiction that mother river is the most polluted body in spite addressing it as mother.

Solutions are:

All living beings which have intestines must get connected to all oil refineries, to make fuel and fertilizer out of it. Intestine is the refinery, created by God in the nature to complete the cyclic system of self sustainability. We have broken it by drilling into the belly of earth and this wrong cycle has brought harmful results like global warming. This global warming has invited the tornados from the oceans to visit the crust of the earth… Cyclones and Tornados are visiting humans with a message, “Oh Humans!!, we have come to return your resources which our living beings can’t use.  Please take it back…. ”   Kitchen cycle, toilet cycle and bathroom cycle must be maintained in every design of human dwellings.

The ministers and administrators of our nation must change their belief system.

They must follow this system:

Please do publicity for segregation at source and if failed, penalize. Without consequences, behaviours do not change. Brain learns with rewards and punishment only…. give 10% tax rebate on properties for following segregation and processing within the campus. Penalize for failing to segregate at source.

In the fourth year of this campaign we still stand failed because Publicity, Processing and Penalization did not happen in parallel.

At individual level I am doing it… at our institute, we do it… There are many who are doing it… we all need to come together…

Except for a few, all the videos of education and activities shown in India fails to send message about segregation at the source. Prime Minister and many others show videos of sweeping and collecting mixed waste…. if we continue this way, then, for next 100 years India will live on the dumping yards…

Correction of all videos and other mode of publicity is required….

Earth Unit Township with zero waste Economy, environmental and economical sustainability, has been created, which can be used by all those who are going for building new house, or want to revamp existing structure, or a developer who plans to develop a township.  

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