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Changing the Use & Throw Behaviour!


A way to Change Behaviour of “Use & throw” and take responsibility for Our Earth

“Nala Darshan” revealed the status of human mindset which has severely interfered in the normal course of water cycle.

A natural canal system created by God to provide water to down streams, where humans irrigated their fields and settled forming villages along, Mountains with greens attracts clouds and reflect red heat back into the space and blue heat creates with water vapour in the environment causing micro and macro rain. Here the mountains with greens acts like the sponge which collects water in it. With gravity, it keeps releasing the water in the rills and creates drains (Nalas) which further creates rivers and goes back to the ocean, while creating varieties of biodiversities along its path…

Sagarmitra Concept for Schools

A call to 1.5 Billion Children of our precious planet Earth

Sagarmitra is a specially designed project which can be integrated with environment subject and projects, of all schools. It’s an action oriented program for schools, which connects HEAD with knowledge (why, when, who, how, where, whom etc,) about the damage created to our environment, because of the human habit of making waste out of our resources and throwing it.

Then it connects our HEART with the environment creating the feeling of belonging to this planet and so, moves our HANDS to take actions which will preserve our environment for all the generations to come…

Sagarmitra Project by TAA (The Academic Advisors) 

Sagarmitra IEC proposal

Sagarmitra Abhiyan is a ‘Used plastic recollection and recycling program’, founded by  TAA, in 2011. In this project school children from grade 5th and above 

  1. Understand with their HEAD that our use and throw habit threaten life in the Oceans 2. Are motivated from their HEART to act to save the fish and birds who die from  plastics 
  2. Work with personal and team HANDS to create the momentum of people’s movement 

As of Dec 2016 in Pune alone, there are 310 schools and 1.5 lakh students, volunteers, who:

  1.  Collect clean and dry empty used plastics, at home in the Sagarmitra plastic bags
  2.  Fetch the collected used plastics, from home to schools, once in a month.  
  3. The recollected clean dry and empty used plastic, is purchased and then sent for recycling to a  recycling factory.  

These students have saved more than 500 tons of used plastics from going in to ocean.  

Plastindia’s ‘largest T-shirt’ enters Guinness World Records

Plastindia’s ‘largest T-shirt’ enters Guinness World Records 2.5 lakh Sagarmitra from schools of Maharashtra sent 138 tons of plastic from their own homes, for recycling. Thus Dr Susan Raj who designed the Sagarmitra project, got entry to this world record as one of the contributors towards responsible recycler.

Decoding the words used in Hindi and Sanskrit
ऋषि, मुनि एवम गुरु ने कहा था
पूजा करते रहो ताकि पाप ना करो तब ही पुण्य कमा सकते हो ।।।

पूजा = पूर्ण जिम्मेदारी;

पाप = पाखंड + अन्याय + पक्षपात;

पुण्य = पूर्ण जिम्मेदारी निष्पक्ष योजना सहित

सब मिलकर एक ही काम करना था, करना है और करते रहना है, वह है
“भगवान की पूजा” अर्थात
भूमि, गगन, वायु, अग्नि एवं नीर की पूर्ण जिम्मेदारी लेना

हमने धार्मिक व्यवस्था मे पाप को घुसा कर सब बर्बाद कर दिया. व्यवस्था अत्यावश्यक् है, परन्तु पाप से “इस्तेमाल कर फ़ेंक” की आदत बनती है.. फिर कुदर्शन चक्र चल पड़ता है फिर तो दर्शन खतम… खतरा ही खतरा रहता है.


Health Habits & Habitats world congress for traditional Medicine

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Impact of Habits from Ocean to Health & Human Habitats,
स्वभाव का प्रभाव सागर से स्वास्थ्य और आवास तक

Dr Susan Raj was live with Dr Tangella Siva Prasad Reddy, Independent Journalist, CEO & Host of DRTSPR CHANNEL on 17th June 2022.

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