The Universal Antidote Course

The Universal Antidote Course A Chlorine Dioxide How To Course Length: 2 hours 2 minutes. Note From The Producer In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to make and use the universal antidote, chlorine dioxide. You might be asking why this course is free, and to that, I reply this information […]

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Cyclic System of Health & Wealth Vs. Poverty & Destitution

Garbage in the Oceans is an indicator of Human behavior which has created a cyclic system of Poverty & Destitution in Emotional/ Spiritual (part of invisible personality) and Physical terms. Humans of all continents, stand guilty of this criminal cycle. It all begins from Biases. Its impact is severe when this bias is found in

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Sagarmitra IEC proposal

Sagarmitra Project by TAA (The Academic Advisors)  Sagarmitra Abhiyan is a ‘Used plastic recollection and recycling program’, founded by  TAA, in 2011. In this project school children from grade 5th and above  Understand with their HEAD that our use and throw habit threaten life in the Oceans 2. Are motivated from their HEART to act

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Sagarmitra Concept for Schools – A call to 1.5 Billion Children of our precious planet Earth

Sagarmitra Concept for Schools “A call to 1.5 Billion Children of our precious planet Earth” FOR CHILDREN WHO PROTECT OUR OCEANS Sagarmitra is a specially designed project which can be integrated with environment subject and projects, of all schools. It’s an action oriented program for schools, which  connects HEAD with knowledge (why, when, who, how, where, whom etc,) about

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Reset Economy UN Agenda

We are at the right time, because we are made to sit at home, schooling from home, office from home, and thus, it is the right time to hit the iron when it is hot. You can mold a new system. There are certain things which cannot be changed… Such as our food system. The

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The Triangle of Conveniences Technology & Culture

Today I am going to talk about a triangle of Conveniences, Technologies and Culture. Convenience is an addiction which our brain likes. It is an amazing addiction, because, conveniences leads to discovery of technologies. It makes life easier , and we can do maximum work in minimum time and energy. Our brain then desires for

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