The Triangle of Conveniences Technology & Culture

Today I am going to talk about a triangle of Conveniences, Technologies and Culture. Convenience is an addiction which our brain likes. It is an amazing addiction, because, conveniences leads to discovery of technologies. It makes life easier , and we can do maximum work in minimum time and energy. Our brain then desires for higher and better technologies. But when the desire is turned into temptations for short cut, that is where the convenience becomes problem. Then what’s about culture, ? I am going to discuss about Agri vs Perma… that is  one is permaculture and other is Agriculture. A culture which brings conveniences for three generations is called Agriculture, If we take 25 years as an average as one generation then in 75 years, then Agriculture will look like a booming industry or a booming business, and after 75 year it will have it’s downfall… It will show problems, and we all are facing it today.

What is about permaculture? It will have a problem of initial three years, to correct our systems and set it up, to correct various cycles of insects, microorganisms and the plant’s and the animals, Plants and the humans etc. initial three years of inconveniences will lead to generations and generations of conveniences. It is amazing that what ever we choose in our life is very important. Because every decision we make in life will have consequences, whether we like it or not. Technology is amazing , because we want to use little energy and get maximum work done, it is good, but when technology is used in wrong context with wrong decision then the same technology becomes curse. And when it becomes curse, then our conveniences are gone…Just like the substance or alcohol addiction,  it gives initial happiness but it leads to unhappiness for long time… so, the curse, that is the moment we need to ask question , why and what… it wakes our leadership… till the time the what and why does not arise, the leadership is in seed form, it has amazing power in it but it has not released. The moment a problem arise, understand that it has a solution with your alone… Therefore wake up and ask question, because are facing the the curse of 75 years of agriculture, and we are facing the curse  of diseases which is equal to hypocrisy. Agriculture is equal to hypocrisy and permaculture is equal to sincerity and amazing obedience of law of God in the nature. . Hypocrisy accompanies with Injustice and biases, where as Democracy is accompanied with Justice and Love. Law of God brings sustainability and for sustainability we can not plan for depopulation, we cannot plan for reset of economy, but we need to plan for resetting of our MINDSET. And it starts with why . We all are facing the situation of covid today. Like the agriculture, we are having temporary solutions for covid today, such as putting on mask, which cant stop covid from entering our body, because it is only 120 nanometer and N95vmasks has fabric space of 300 nanometers. Vaccination is given for RNA virus which mutates in every body. Then you are filled with fear and isolated… altogether , these are the best recipe for hampering the immune system. Once immunity is hampered then any simple virus or infection gets flared up in the body. Everyday, when I get up, I hear that somebody lost life. This is not required at all… we have ask questions, why it happened and what I need to do? Wake up my friends and wake up my dear ones, there are cures, look for cures and you will find it.

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