Reset Economy UN Agenda

We are at the right time, because we are made to sit at home, schooling from home, office from home, and thus, it is the right time to hit the iron when it is hot. You can mold a new system. There are certain things which cannot be changed… Such as our food system. The farmers will have to produce food and the transporters need to carry it to various centers to reach it home. Online shopping can only reduce our movement to the shop, but the online distributers need to send people for home delivery. The consumer movement can be restricted but the producer movement must continue with all essential item, connecting, food and life saving medication. The technology needs to reach to farmers. Which will ensure that cyclic system of the nature is followed without making any compromise. Create conveniences which matches to the basic principles of God’s Law in the nature. That is, segregation of all remaining material at the source. Segregate and process the biodegradable material & reach it to the farmers. Keep all non biodegradable material clean and dry and sent it to the factories for processing. In 2018 the UN member Nations met at the World Economic forum and decided to take action on three great agenda. 1. Sustainable Environment 2. Depopulation of humans 3. Reset Economy Who and how is the most important question here. Who, is important because if this agenda is implemented by hypocritic political and business leaders, then “How” it is done, will give destructive outcome, life threatening…. If these three angles are implemented by Democratic business and political leaderships then, “How” it is implemented will give progressive and life enriching experiences. Here is my suggestion to the world leaders who have the democratic leadership. Why Democratic leadership? because it will always accompany with Justice and Love, where as Hypocritic leadership will always accompanied by the Injustice and Biases. The democratic leadership must reset the economy based on the life supporting systems and demolish the past and current economy which is based on precious metals, crude, oil, coal, energy and data collection. Where as non of these are real base for the economy, because these cannot provide life support. The real economy must be based on the vital elements which gives life support. That means, when the viral elements of life support are contaminated the currency in the bank must get devaluated. The stock exchange must go up and down only based on the quality maintenance of the life support system, that is, the air must have 20% oxygen, water in the rivers and drains must have 8% dissolved oxygen. Soil must have biodiversity of all species in balance to ensure that pesticides are not sprayed, all energy must be based on the renewable sources… then the Space will have quality in life. Every person born will be connected to the banking system, where, the currency growth happens with daily assessment of quality of Water, Wind, Soil, Space and Energy. Technology innovation needs to happen to provide unbiased reporting system. Ultimate report comes from the health. This is called the BhGaWAN economy. Every producer will ensure that their process ensures quality of the BaGaWAN to fetch value for their product. Here the producer and consumer both will be forced to take responsibility, because the money earned is directly linked to the quality of the BaGaWAN in their locality. Every individual taking responsibility to maintain it will get money in their banks automatically. Then Population will not be a problem, people will stay in the farms instead of creating city. People will be more receptive to the mind training programs for population control. Do you know why poverty increases the population? It is because, the poor people are not given various opportunities to produce dopamine, they are always frustrated people. So sexual pleasure is the only source of dopamine for them. Naturally population will increase. Mindset training is done when people have space for it. How the space is created? it is created with satisfaction of the basic needs of survival. Then they can be trained for decision making skills and relationship skills . When reset of economy is done with BaGaWAN economy then Population control happens and thus automatically Environmental sustainability is achieved. Conclusion is that, UN Triangle Agenda can be true life saver only if BaGaWAN Economic reset is done by the Democratic leaderships in the business and political arena. In 2021 the assessment of the situation tells that the Triangle agenda is implemented by the hypocritic leaders in the business and political arena. Look at the indicators, the “Disease” is created to depopulate humans, current economy is being destroyed by lockdowns. They have brainwashed the people that environmental sustainability can come only by depopulation and reset of economy.

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